Free Checking

FREE No-Nonsense Checking Accounts

The New Hampshire Postal Credit Union offers members a No-Nonsense Checking Account featuring:

  • No minimum balance required

  • No monthly service charges

  • No monthly maintenance charges

  • Free initial check order (basic package)

  • No charge for check copies

  • No per check charges

  • Interest paid on average daily balance of $500.00

Direct deposit, payroll deduction, and automatic transfers between New Hampshire Postal Credit Union accounts are also available with No-Nonsense Checking. 

Here's How No-Nonsense Checking Works

No-Nonsense Checking is a free, interest-bearing checking account for NH Postal Credit Union members only. Members receive a free basic check package when the account is opened.

Checks are "truncated", which means they are not returned with the monthly statements, so the credit unions' costs are kept low which enables us to offer No-Nonsense Checking Accounts to our members free! Copies of cancelled checks are provided free if needed. If you are currently paying monthly service charges for your checking privileges, open a No-Nonsense Checking Account today and save hundreds of dollars per year!

You may apply for a MasterMoney debit card or an ATM card to access funds from your No-Nonsense Checking Account.

FREE MasterMoney Debit Card with Your Account

Your MasterMoney debit card is better than cash and better than cashing a check. The MasterMoney debit card is accepted at 14 million locations all over the world wherever the MasterCard logo is displayed. Best of all your MasterMoney card is free! There are no monthly or annual service charges with the MasterMoney debit card.

Apply for your MasterMoney debit card when you open your No-Nonsense Checking Account today!